Kaitahi is created by a passionate group of Indigenous Maaori based in South Taranaki.  We believe that food is more than just combining ingredients, it is about feeding the force of life.  Everything we create ultimately enhances wellbeing.


Kaitahi™ is a progressive venture that enables us to innovate with our traditions of caring, respecting and conserving.  To thrive as one: that’s what Kaitahi™ is all about.  We believe that our natural food has mana (integrity, prestige, power) and needs to be shared with the world.  We know, as many ancient cultures do, that nature’s pantry is a vital source of wellbeing.  That’s why everything we make is naturally packed with the goodness our bodies seek.  





Kaitahi™ Frozen Superfood Smoothy Drops are our first range of easy to use, nutritious and delicious superfood products.  Our drops include traditional Maaori ingredients such as kuumara, puuhaa and kawakawa, made by Ringawera (cooks) who are familiar with the old ways of doing things.  With carefully curated ingredients, some harvested by hand and others sourced from suppliers we trust, this product is made with craft and care in the traditional way. 


Delivered in the form of frozen drops, trapping in the flavour and goodness, it also means no noise, no mess and no fuss in preparation of your Kaitahi ™ Superfood Smoothy.


The Kaitahi™ Superfood Smoothy is a liquid mix of our drops to provide all the good stuff your body seeks to thrive.  Mixed with water it contains no nasties (No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, gluten free, low in sodium and fat, no added sugar) resulting in a healthy drink with a refreshing deliciousness.  It’s super easy

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If you’d like to know more or make a trade enquiry please contact us kiaora@kaitahi.co.nz or call +64 6 3465707 to speak with one of our team.


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