Our frozen superfood smoothy drops include traditional Māori ingredients such as kūmara, pūhā and kawakawa, made by Ringawera (Marae cooks) who are familiar with the old ways of doing things. 

Kūmara was once a staple food of the Māori and its life giving benefits is why the kūmara is spread throughout the Pacific ocean, it is a food of the gods.

Kūmara is a good source of vitamin C and a source of dietary fibre and niacin. It also has one of the most concentrated sources of carbohydrate for any vegetable; however unlike other sources of carbohydrate it has a much greater nutrient profile than say bread, rice or pasta.


Pūhā was another staple green vegetable of the Māori, native to New Zealand it is still enjoyed today.  Pūhā can be found growing wild throughout Aotearoa. 

Pūhā is very high in vitamin A.  It is also a good source of vitamin c and folate.  Other nutrients available include dietary fibre, iron and calcium.


Kawakawa - in Maori tradition it is a universal medicine that promotes the body physically and spiritually as has mood lifting properties.


Rewarewa honey – The Rewarewa is the native New Zealand Honeysuckle tree, its flowers attract bees.  Traditionally, the nectar was collected by traditional Māori for a natural sweetener, the tree bark was also used to heal internal disorders. 

Rewarewa honey is known to be high in natural antioxidants

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